My Amazing Tent/Hammock/Chair/Shelter

by Zedagain on July 4, 2010

My new hammock is amazing. Is it a tent? Is it a hammock? Is it a swinging chair? Who cares. I love it!

Hennessy Hammocks market hammocks from Galiano island. My gut instinct says they are very granola. Hippies don’t usually make cool tech toys. I think they hit the mark here though. The Hennessy A-Sym Hammock could do a bunch of things I wanted and a few I did not expect.

It is load balanced. A nerd sat down at an abacus or a cad program and designed a shelter system that requires two primary anchors and between two and four secondary anchors. I can lay down in it, rustle a lot and it very quickly stops shifting and rocking. It weighs 2 pounds 12 ounces and has no solid components. I can cram it in the bottom of my pack and squish it without worrying about shape.

So far I have only used it in my front yard. To be blunt, I was unaware narcolepsy was environmental. After a nice nap I collapsed the hammock and put it away. I didn’t make any effort to fold it correctly and just jammed it into the little bag, it fit!

My first planned excursion will be in August, I will let you know more when I do!

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