From Here to There for Hardware

by Zedagain on July 6, 2010

I love tech toys. I dream of a future: plugged in, tuned up and better than now. The things I buy reflect that.

I am picky with the innovations I choose but have an input device weakness. I’ve dragged my wife to an industrial district in Los Angeles to buy a programmable macro system, hit every Fry’s Electronics between Vancouver, San Diego and Las Vegas looking for a joystick with one extra button, my iPhone has an external bluetooth keyboard and I have four different mice I use depending on my needs.

One of the biggest problems with input devices is the materials they are created with. I am tired of clutching impact plastic and slowly etching my fingerprints into a dull matte surface with the salts in my nerd rage sweat! I am digging this new aluminum trend. The aluminum doesn’t scratch easily, radiates hand heat and has a very solid feel.

The perfect input device needs to address certain needs. Is it solid? Input devices should not shift, or click inside when moved. Are the buttons reliable? Buttons will see hard use for the entire life span of the device. How connectible is it? Wifi and Bluetooth input devices are great and extra wires just ruin my computing zone.

So far I have been impressed with Saitek, Microsoft, Apple and Logitech input devices. Keep them coming.

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