iPhone Tech Support Fun

by Zedagain on September 19, 2010

Apple Tech Support
I am an avid iPhone user. My wife has called me an App Bully. The iPhone does some really cool stuff. What it does not seem to do well, is localize. Apple really is not playing fair. I purchased my iPhone in Canada and it was already designed so that it followed Canadian law in the Appstore. Apple also locks me out of foreign appStores.
What the iPhone does not allow is proper keyboard localization. If you try to surf to a Canadian .ca website, you have to type in .ca. If you are trying to surf to a .com website, you can just push the .com button. The frustrating part about this issue, is that each of the buttons on the keyboard has multiple input possibilities. If you hold down the .com button, it expands to allow you to choose; .edu, .net, .org or .com.
I decided I needed to call Apple about this. I really would like my .ca button.
Apple’s answer to a human operator
Calling Apple was really easy. I browsed to their website from my iPhone, and clicked on a button that said “call Apple”. My iPhone called Apple. An obvious computer generated voice answered, and then announced that it was not a human operator but could handle full sentences and requests. It was eager sounding and I launched my request.
Apple robot meltdown

“I am annoyed that when I hold down the .com button it doesn’t allow me to select .ca! What is the point of having multiple button functions if none are worth having?” My tirade started unfocused and finished unfocused. The computer clearly felt I had little to offer as an Apple customer. It announced that it was now deciding where my call should be directed, then in a very Orwellian move played the sound of typing on a keyboard and hung up.
On the second call I was very specific about my system but gave little information about my actual issue. The computer directed me to an actual human, after once again pretending to type on a keyboard while calculating the meaning of my spoken sentence.
Apple’s human face
The Apple Tech Support I spoke too was Steven. I explained my Localization concern, and Steven was sympathetic but noncommittal. He did mention that he wanted my request to happen and would forward it along. His vocal accent was clearly Eastern Canadian. I asked why Apple would localize tech support and not the iPhone keyboard. He thought that was a good question to.
Apple only has one human face, Steve Jobs.
Apple didn’t really help me but they did leave me with a sense of accomplishment. Obviously, Steven was Steve Jobs. In just a few days now, I will have my .ca button. I can feel it!

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Mirko Filipovic September 25, 2010 at 6:11 am

Excellent article, plenty of good quality info. I am going to point out to my friend and ask them the things they think.


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