Rocking the Night Away. Camping in My Future Hammock/Tent/Shelter

by Zedagain on July 27, 2010

Thurston Meadows
Chilliwack, British Columbia

My two boys and I decided to go camping last weekend. I was very excited, a field test for my Hennessy hammock was needed!

The weather was hot! 32 degrees Celsius or 90 degrees Fahrenheit depending which side of the thermometer you read. I was proud of my boys, we built inukshuk in the middle of chilliwack river, found a couple rock fossils and maintained a well kept campsite for almost 72 hours without my wife.

The boys had their own tent that didn’t fit any stinking adults. I was freed to sleep over night in my hammock. I had made some preparations based on my test nap and front yard setup. I also followed some online advice.

The biggest difference between my nap and a full night rest is about 7 hours. The hammock fit me best when I was laying on my back, I normally sleep on my side. I could get used to the change though. The shelter was VERY comfortable, I did wake a few times both nights aware of differences but it was a great way to catch shut eye. If you are concerned make an effort to sleep on your back in bed for a few days.

I had read online that adding an inflatable pad was a necessity. The tent is suspended off the ground and during the night, wind will cause considerable heat loss. I purchased a Thermorest Trail lite regular length self inflating pad at MEC. I feel I choose the wrong pad for the task. The regular length pad obstructed the womb style entryway and my legs did not need the extra support. Once settled it did give great shaping to the hammock though. I had plenty of breathing room for a guy in a water proof cocoon! I plan on trading for a short length mattress somehow.

The next consideration was tent pegs. For a complete setup four ground pegs are required if there are no laterally located anchor points. I feel the shelter is more comfortable when the side tether straps pull straight out, at the forestry campsite there was nothing to anchor to and I was forced to use ground pegs. I went through 7 plastic tent pegs making 4 stick. I was disappointed. I am going to look for some titanium or aluminum pegs designed for gravel. If I find something better, I will let you know! Until then, I will be trying for campsites that allow me side anchor points which I prefer anyway.

I am a voracious reader. I carry books everywhere I go. This was a problem. As a novice hammock shelter user I had no tolerance for anything loose in the tent. Which was why about an hour after going to sleep, I woke up, pulled the trade paper back out of my back, threw it out the womb opening and fell back asleep. My advice is that you leave everything but yourself, your pad and your sleeping bag out.

The hammock looks like a tight fit but allows freedom of movement. The second night I watched an episode of True Blood on my iPhone. I had plenty of room to hold the phone up. My shoulders were not restricted either.

The Hennessy hammock impressed me at every turn. I couldn’t recommend one more. I drifted off to sleep rocking in the wind. Just like a normal hammock, gentle movements turned into pacifying sways.

I am thrilled with my Hennessy hammock. On Sunday morning packing my tent took 4 minutes. I plan on buying the Hennessy Snakeskin, a sock-like tube that makes packing it down even easier.

Next test, Radium lake trail in Chilliwack. 13 kilometer hike, 1 kilometer of elevation. I am very excited.

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